Sales and Client Relationship Development

You want to keep your best clients forever.


But here is the thing . . . there is no forever, without more. And if you don’t create more with your clients, your competitors will.

How are you helping your teams develop the mindset, skills and behaviors required to make more forever happen?

What We Do

We help teams create enduring and profitable client relationships by cultivating the right mindset and developing the necessary skills and habits to execute on today’s sales realities.

Our Mission

To help you create more with your clients, before your competitors do.

Our Purpose

To help you, better help your teams.

Our Vision

To help companies grow and achieve business success while inspiring individuals to grow and achieve personal success.

Keynote speeches

Keynote speeches

Seminars and workshop series

Seminars and workshop series


Group-based reinforcement coaching

Coach-the-Coach sessions

Coach-the-Coach sessions

Voice of the Customer interviews and analysis

Voice of the Customer interviews and analysis

Sales and client growth strategy

Sales and client growth strategy


Who We Serve

Professional services and business services teams responsible for winning and growing multi-million dollar client relationships.

What Our Clients Say:

Who We Are

Trish Kendall, an expert in creating enduring client relationships, helps companies win and grow their clients by creating higher-performing sales and client relationship teams.

Trish has walked in the shoes of the teams she motivates and develops. For almost 30 years Trish has sold for professional and business services companies including Aetna, Hewitt Associates and WTW. She has seen the good . . . and the bad . . . and leverages this real-world experience to help her clients create more enduring and profitable client relationships. Taking a non-traditional path to success, Trish was educated more by life experiences than the classroom. She is proof that if you do the little things great, great things happen.

She is also a an inspirational speaker who motivates teams and individuals to achieve enduring success.

Trish Kendall

Trish Kendall, Founder and Lead Consultant

Our Beliefs


Choices: We can’t make time. We can only make choices.


Trust: Make good, small decisions each day to build trust in yourself and inspire the trust of others. Trust is in the little things.


Love: The key to creating enduring success is choosing love, the verb.


Agreements: Establishing and committing to two-way agreements can transform actions from “I have to” to “I want to”.


Community: Create and nurture community–a place of safety, shared-identity and belonging.


Experience: Help others experience what success feels like, to amplify their desire and ability to achieve it.


more, forever is committed to developing the next generation leaders. We’ve chosen nonprofits that align with our purpose and brand values. Our partners include In Her Shoes and Cara Chicago.