Trish KendallTrish Kendall, an expert in creating enduring client relationships, helps companies win and grow their clients by creating higher-performing sales and client relationship teams.

Businesses are constantly challenged to win new clients and grow existing clients. Sometimes the challenge is the market. Sometimes the challenge is the product. Oftentimes the challenge is the mindset, behavior or skills of the people responsible for winning and growing.

Trish has walked in the shoes of the teams she motivates and develops. For almost 30 years Trish has sold for professional and business services companies including Aetna, Hewitt Associates and WTW. She has seen the good . . . and the bad . . . and leverages this real-world experience to help her clients create more enduring and profitable client relationships. Taking a non-traditional path to success, Trish was educated more by life experiences than the classroom. She is proof that if you do the little things great, great things happen.

She is also a sought-after inspirational speaker who motivates individuals to achieve enduring success.