More Forever Together
Trish Kendall

How do you keep working with your best clients forever ?

Trish Kendall interviews sales and client relationship leaders to discuss how they master the craft of client relationship development. Her guests share advice, strategies and the lessons they learned to help you help your teams create enduring and profitable client relationships. In other words . . . to achieve more, forever .

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Nancy Coletto, SVP, Central Region Practice Leader, Aon Health Solutions

“You can’t go wrong if you put what’s best for the client first.”

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Scott Millson, President, HUB International Florida Employee Benefits

Listening to clients is more important than what you have to say. It is about how you can help them; not how they can help you.

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LaTonya Wilkins, CEO and Founder of The Change Coaches and author of Leading Below the Surface

The question that began LaTonya’s leadership journey: “How do some people build real relationships with people who are different from them and others really struggle with it?”

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Jill Havely, Managing Director WTW, Talent Line of Business

“Our clients want to create More, Forever relationships with their people and customers. Our role is to help them make that happen–and that is ultimately how we create More, Forever with our clients.”

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Jackie Mayer, Senior Vice President of Sales at Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs

There are many individuals involved in the buying journey, which can be complex, but Jackie shares advice on how to stay focused and be effective, “mobilizing around that individual’s objectives.”

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Scot Havrilla, Senior Client Lead, iCrossing

Just like driving the van for a Ragnar Relay Race . . . sometimes leadership just requires you to step up and say “I’ll do it!”

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Kathleen St. Louis Caliento, CEO and President of Cara Collective

Taking More, Forever to its core—human connection and love. Kathleen has a vast amount of experience helping teams, companies, and community members realize what it means and what it takes to create enduring relationships.

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Liane Gonzalez, Epsilon

“The simplest questions can be the more illuminating.”

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Vic Ippolito, SVP of Solomon Page, Executive Search Firm

Vic shares pointed professional advice (wrapped up in fun, heartfelt stories) infused with the totally authentic reality that More, Forever can elevate our whole lives…if we care enough about the other person to make it happen.

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Stephanie DeLorm, Aon Health and Innovations

“Be wise for your client.”

Stephanie has a unique formula to her More, Forever success—she combines her experience creating enduring client relationships with her experience driving innovations and solutions. Stephanie shares her perspective in both areas and gives us tangible ideas to nurture More, Forever relationships.

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